Ultimate Rules

Rules Accreditation - You must pass a test that evaluates your rules knowledge if you are a player who's keen on playing competitive leagues or tournaments.

  • To acquaint yourself with the official rules of the sport, please refer to the WFDF's dedicated webpage (URL: https://rules.wfdf.org/ )

  • The rules have been translated into isiXhosa, thank you to the UCT Comm of 2017. The isiXhosa rules: http://bit.ly/isiXhosaWFDFRules

  • To take the accreditation test, please follow the URL provided (https://rules.wfdf.org/accreditation ). The test are free and there are no limits to the number of attempts. There are 2 levels of accreditation: Standard and Advanced. While passing the Standard level is usually accepted for beginner level players, if you're an intermediate or an experienced player, we would highly encourage you to pass the Advanced level.