Catch 22

Over the years Catch 22 has remained a team of tightly knit players who've pushed each other and the teams playing against us to be their best selves; whether its though elevating SOTG or by making great plays on the fields. We're usually found warming up to the beats of ABBA, being each other's biggest fans, gunning for the SOTG prize at any tournament we're playing in and livening up the parties, all while sporting the flyest looking kits in town 😋

Location of home fields: Rondebosch Boys feilds, St Luke’s (Walmer Estate), Plumstead Cricket Club.

Training frequency 2021: Casual sessions on Wednesdays

Training frequency: Twice a week. Likely on Wednesday evenings and on Saturday afternoons.

Contact details:

For inquiries about the club please contact Mitch Horn (Club Captain) at



Club ethos

On 11 November 2014, a group of Ultimate enthusiasts came together to discuss big plans of founding a new team in 2015. Participants articulated a range of values for the new team, which include the following:

• Spirit of the Game

• Competitive Ultimate (but never at the expense of enjoyment of the sport)

• Dedicated, committed and hard-working players

• Team spirit, unity and friendship

• Constructive engagement and feedback

• Active development of a cool team and vibe

• Transparency and democracy

These principles have guided the team, and will continue to do so in future.

Past Placings

  • Rocktober 2015-2017: 6th every year

  • Mixed Nationals 2015: 6th

  • Mixed Nationals 2016: 7th

  • Mixed Nationals 2017: 8th, Spirit Champions

  • Mixed Nationals 2018: 2nd

  • Mixed Nationals 2019: 5th

  • All-Africa Ultimate Championships 2019: 4th, Spirit Champions

Development Initiatives

Besides playing Ultimate, we're super proud to be able to spread the joy this sport brings. We currently run 2 development focused initiatives. The first one is in collaboration with a non-profit called Project 90 by 2030 where we teach high school kids how to play the sport. They're now take part in a fledgling high school league . We hope to grow and encourage the students as potential athletes in the sport. We also run a beginner's focused league called "Peas in a Pod" around November-December where experienced players are encouraged to bring a new player to play in the league. It's an informal setting that is intended to provide a space where the people who are interested in the sport but need a non-competitive space to get into playing it, have the opportunity to do so. Peas in a Pod is run together with friends at Chilli.

What kind of player would be a good fit with our club?

We don't see ourselves as a team that is anchored by star players. Rather we choose to train and play in a style that brings out the best in each other, while also giving each other the room to constantly improve.

What this means for you, a potential player interested in us, is that unlike other clubs we don't assign you specific roles/position. You have enough room to play in different capacities and should you choose to work on just a few roles, the team is adaptable enough to play to your strengths and comfort.