Nomad was founded in 2021 by a group of ex-UCT students. We are a group of friends that love playing high-quality Ultimate and hanging out with each other. We have done incredibly well for a young club and are constantly complimented on our spirit and sportsmanship by our opposition.

Contact details:

Christine Court (Captain) at or Scott Glennie (Coach) at You can also find us on Instagram: @nomadultimate

Location of home fields:

We are still figuring out where our base of operations will be (hence our club name). We have practiced at the Green Point Track, Rondebosch Boys fields, and Plumstead Cricket Club in the past.

Training frequency:

Monday - League games or training

Wednesdays - Focused team training

Club History

In late 2019 a group of graduating and recently graduated UCT students started discussing a new team for 2020. We hoped to create a team of friends to play clean, competitive Ultimate while having fun. We managed to get our friends to sign on with promises of whale kit and psychedelic camels (still waiting on the camels). We all know how 2020 went, so come 2021 Nomad was born! Our club has grown over the last two years and we hope to be able to make two teams once we are big enough.

Club Ethos

  • Play competitive Ultimate - playing hard and well is fun

  • Have a high level of Sportsmanship and Spirit of the Game - we play with friends against friends

  • Have committed and focused practices - practise like you play - gotta be fit to get the biscuit

  • Build team vibe, spirit and friendship - beers on Wian!

  • Have active and constructive coaching and leadership - feedback is the breakfast of champions

  • Be a team for its players - help us help you

Past Placings

  • CT Summer league 2021: 1st

  • CT Mixed Regionals 2021: 2nd

  • CT Summer league 2022: 2nd

  • CT Mixed Regionals 2022: 1st

  • SA Mixed Nationals 2022: 1st

Development Initiatives

We have run several Intro to Ultimate fun days with the Church on Main youth team.

What kind of player would be a good fit with our club?

We are a relatively young team and do like to keep pretty fit. We play the basic ultimate structures and play them well! We love having new players and are always focused on doing the basics well. Our club has a lot of depth and we try to use all our players equally and in the positions where they are strongest and most comfortable. We are proud of how everyone in our team contributes and how it shows up in our games stats. We're a pretty goofy team off the field and like hanging out and doing other activities together.