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09.12.2022- A Few Exciting Updates

1. Announcement from the AGM

The organization AGM took place on the 7th of December (Wednesday) and among the most significant updates from the meeting, the minutes of the 2021 meeting were approved along with the financials we had declared for 2022. A new committee was elected as well and we're very pleased to announce that the new CTFDA executive committee now comprises of

Sandra Jordaan as the Chairperson

Eliza Stewart as the Secretary and

Marc Lewis as the Treasurer

We wish them the best for what will surely be a great year ahead and a huge thanks to them for volunteering their time and effort to keep the organization going. Acknowledgements also to Nick Zaloumis, Peter Ivey, Sam Fothergill and Dharanidharan Ramamurthy- the outgoing ExCo for their invaluable contributions this year. The handover or roles are happening as we speak. Last but not the least, thanks also to everyone who participated at the AGM and for their time, and input to the process!

2. Development High 5

The CTFDA's Schools Ultimate 2022 End of Year Festival was held last Friday. There were over 70 students from the 5 participating schools - Westerford, ISCT, Apex, MOak and Pinelands.

Thanks to Westerford sharing a few players with the schools without full teams, we were able to have 4 teams each in a Junior pool and a Senior pool for 6v6 Ultimate. Although there were not enough girls to play equal mixed games, teams worked together during each match to ensure gender matching. In addition, International Spirit of the Game Day iSOTGDay (Dec 3) was celebrated with 'lessons by Sam' regarding - Know the Rules; Avoid Body Contact; Enjoy Playing; Be fair-minded; Communicating Respectfully and the awarding of caps to players who demonstrated SOTG. This would be a great combined event for CTFDA to coordinate annually.

Development High 5s also to the following CTFDA players who joined the online UAP Coaching Course coordinated by SAFDA. They completed 8 modules, including discussion workshops and assessments, and are now primed to shape a new crop of players & teams. If you are looking for a coach for your team, why not hire one of these certified folk: Justin Peach, Mark Doyle, Paul Nussey or Tim Schlesinger. And if you are keen to coach, SAFDA will be offering the course again in 2023 so watch out for the sign-up notice and check out the UAP at

3. More disc sports in the Western Cape!

With the competitive season for the year now concluded, there are a few new opportunities for players to still be active and continue having fun throwing and chasing plastic.

  • J'Bay pick-up

If anyone is driving through or staying over in Jeffreys Bay over the holidays and feels like playing some Ultimate with a cool bunch of residents, give Lionel Spilkin a call: zero78,three 28 twenty eight or ask us for a link to the join the WhatsApp group

  • Strand pickup

Just like the last year, the beach pickup at Strand might be making a comeback over this summer holidays so please keep an eye out for updates.

  • Disc Golf event

If you're an ageing person like me whose knees are a few decades older than my biological age, why not give disc golf a try? The second game of a disc golf summer league is happening over the weekend at Stellies and it's open to anyone keen on giving the sport a go. Details on the flyer below.

25.11.2022- Annual General Meeting 2022

We would like to remind all members that the CTFDA Annual General Meeting (AGM) is on the 7th of December. Like the previous years, the meeting will be held online. The link to join the meeting will be sent closer to the day of the AGM through the Newsletter

We would like to encourage CTFDA members to join the CTFDA committee for the next year. The current committee members have all indicated their intention to step down. If anyone is interested in what a specific job requires just get them in touch with us. At this point, we have had no one show interest, and this is a concern as we do not want people reluctantly being nominated on the night of the AGM and forced into a position they know very little about or actually do not want. Overall CTFDA ensures that club leagues and regionals happen and manages finances. There is not much more to it. The positions that absolutely need to be filled are the following 3 (ExCo) roles:

  • Chairperson: Run monthly 1 – 2 hour meetings, ensure that the goals and aims that the committee set out to do are followed up and achieved.

  • Treasurer: Manage bank account, and ensure that payments are made, both to and from CTFDA.

  • Secretary: Do as many newsletters as considered necessary. More if you want. Ensure that helloCTFDA email and social media forms are up to date and messages get to relevant members of the committee or community or at the very least responded to.

In the event of paid roles are filled, the following roles may also be continued (i.e. League Co-ordinator). The EXCO ensures that posts are advertised and then appointed and that deliverables are met satisfactorily.

  • Running league (at most basic): securing fields, setting and budget and fee, and having clubs submit interest. More details in CTFDA google docs. Very easy for a paid role to achieve in 2 – 3 hours a week when leagues are active.

  • SAFDA will require a Western Cape representative who will be on the main WhatsApp group– CTFDA appoints who this is (one does not need to attend meetings), unfortunately, there is no Western Cape Disc body to take this role on yet. Your main role is sharing SAFDA information shared on that group, ensuring regionals happen and potentially scoring national host bids, if there is more than one bid. Easily shared between committee members.

Overall we are not talking about a ton of work, you do the basics and that is all that is needed. There is significant room to implement actions that you see fit. We would like to remind you to approach such changes with the consideration of the CTFDA constitution and how sustainable it is for future committees to easily replicate.

22.07.2022- CTFDA League Coordinator

We're delighted to share that the League Co-ordinator role has been filled by Nicholas Zaloumis who'll be managing and running the upcoming leagues for the year (in addition to being the CTFDA Chairperson). For future club or draft league-specific queries to CTFDA, please use as the email address for correspondence and expect updates from the same address as well.

15.07.2022- CTFDA Calendar Update for the Remainder of 2022

We've been quietly toiling in the background and are happy to share some news on what the calendar will look like for the rest of the year. Tentatively, the schedule between July 25th and December 12th 2022 will look as follows:

Draft league 3 or 4 weeks. 25th July until the 8/15th August

Gender League from 15/22nd August 26th September - maybe extend for a week or two after Opens and Womxns Nationals.

Masters League - 4 Weeks - November/December

Peas in a Pod League (coordinated with Catch) 4 Weeks- November/December

Draft League

To get the second half of the year off to a good start, CTFDA would like to host a draft league. At this point, we are not sure if it will be mixed or separate genders. This will depend on the level of interest.

What is a Draft league?

A draft league is a league where you sign up and get drafted onto a team. Certain players who want to be captains can let us know in the form below. They will then be paired up with another captain and then both will be approached to select their team based on the individuals that have signed up.

Why a draft league?

Let's mix it up for a bit, play with different folks, and meet the player who is usually on the other side of the field when they play with you!

This is also a chance for players not attached to clubs or that do not play in club leagues to join more competitive ultimate, so bring friends and encourage newer players to take part.


  • SIGN UP before the 22nd of July through this form:

  • 3/4 weeks depending on interest. Hoping to start on the 25th of July, Monday nights.

  • Venue(s) TBD, games will start at 7pm.

  • Cost: R60 per player, please pay to the following bank account to confirm your spot. If you're someone who's subscribed to our newsletter, please check your email inbox with for the Bank Account details. If not, please drop us an email at and we'll send you the deets for the same.

Should load shedding disrupt play, we will attempt to make a contingency plan, but unfortunately, we cannot make any promises to make up lost games.

Womxns and Open League

'Tis another season to play competitive ultimate. We would like to know how many teams/clubs (both Open and Womxns) are interested in partaking in the league this season to help us plan. Womxn's and Open's league will start latest around mid-September. We will confirm more after we get responses in this form:

04.07.2022- League Coordinator for 2022

CTFDA would like to invite members to apply for the paid position of League Coordinator to help us run the upcoming Womens and Opens season with a possibility of an extension granted for the 2023 Mixed Season as well. The deadline to apply for the role is the 10th of July and further details about the role and its responsibilities can be found by clicking the linked ad.

01.02.2022- Membership registration for 2022

Membership sign-up for the year is now open and it can be accessed through this link. Please note that to participate in CTFDA-organized events (leagues and tournaments fall under this category, not pickups), it is mandatory that you have a valid 2022 membership. All necessary details are provided on the linked form. We're clarifying our vaccination policy that will take effect soon on the membership sign-up form. So please take a few minutes to give it a thorough read. Membership is to be done individually. Club heads, please remember to pass this point of action on to your teammates (especially to those new to ultimate in CPT who may not be subscribed to this mailing list).

21.01.2022- Updates from the AGM

CTFDA held its annual general meeting (AGM) on the 18th of January (Tuesday) to update members on happenings of the last year and to elect a new committee for 2022. The following were the elected members at the AGM:

Chair: Nicholas Zaloumis

Secretary: Dharanidharan Ramamurthy

Treasurer: Peter Ivey

As appointed roles, Sam Fothergill will be staying on board to help with high school development. Nick Zaloumis together with Dana Glennie will be liaisons representing the Western Cape on SAFDA. Brent Phillips will be helping out with managing our emails and social channels. Other outcomes from the meeting together with the minutes will be sent out in the coming days to the community. The outgoing committee is helping out with the transition. On behalf of the organization and members, here's a huge thanks to Amy Bray, Darren Curry, AJ Wattamaniuk and Dylan Sims for committing their effort and time to keep CTFDA functioning during a year filled with a lot of uncertainties.