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CTFDA Membership 2023

2023 Leagues and Tournaments and Pickups

For a list of upcoming leagues and tournaments, please check out our dedicated "Events Calendar"  page (which is periodically updated).

For a list of active pickups, check out our "Pickup Ultimate in Cape Town" page

Do you want to start Ultimate frisbee at your high school or within your youth group?

We have a handful of schools offering Ultimate frisbee in Cape Town, plus we know kids play on the beach and with friends.  Through our Development Coordinator,  we can support a school or youth group to introduce the game of Ultimate as part of PE and/or offer as an extra-mural. Once kids are playing and understand the basic rules, they will be invited to attend weekend mini-tournaments organised by CTFDA  for high school age players wherever they have learned their skills.  Schools/groups where we have introduced Ultimate frisbee include:

Claremont High School - Westerford High School - Michael Oak Waldorf - Voortrekker High School, Kenilworth

Wynberg Girls Junior School WGJS - Constantia Waldorf - Project 90 (Manyano High & COSAT)

DSK - German International School Cape Town - ISCT  - International School of Cape Town (Woodland Heights)

Apex High School, Eerste River/Blue Downs

To find out how to get your school or youth group involved, email 

Need a "real" frisbee ?

There are loads of variations of a 'frisbee' out there, especially ones produced for marketing purposes. But if you are going to play Ultimate, you need a 175g disc. Check out our Merchandise page for details on where to shop. Unfortunately, we are sold out of the Cape Town Ultimate discs at the moment. 

Due to shipping difficulties, almost everyone - except UCT! - is out of stock of discs, but there are development discs that can be applied for.

Looking to play social Ultimate in Cape Town?

Find a pickup games here!  There is a map and list of contacts for the various pick-up games we know about. If you have one to add, please let us know

Want to join a team that trains & plays in league?

Click here to see mixed and single-gender clubs and teams in Cape Town that generally train weekly to compete in leagues & tournaments. Of course, we would love to see new teams & leagues formed as well, especially outside the Southern  Suburbs where we are currently concentrated. We would also love to expand opportunities for Womxn-identifying players and athletes to play more. Mail us at if you need to know more.

Keep up to date with Ultimate in CT

We do try to update the Latest News page but there are a lot more posts on our Social Media platforms  Facebook and Instagram along with all the  links to all things Ultimate.  In addition, we send out an email each Friday with updates  and announcements.  To subscribe to this weekly mailer, request to join our Google Group at:!forum/cape-town-ultimate 

Any other questions?

If you can't find it here, feel free to email us  at, or message us on our Facebook page

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