Clubs & Teams

Are you new to the sport, new to Cape Town or a visiting ultimate player? Most of the clubs/teams below are open to new recruits with the larger clubs offering training for the development of newer players. Details are provided in the links below and check out the latest action on social media.  If you are still not sure where you might fit it, please email CTFDA at, or message us on our Facebook page, and we'll sort you out!

Clubs & Teams Overview

Mixed Clubs (usually active from December-May)

Open Teams (usually active from July-October)

Womxn's Teams (usually active from July-October)

   ** Wild (represented Western Cape at Opens and Women's Nationals 2019 )

There is also a Womxn player and athlete-specific mailing group that is open to all Womxn players who're interested to know more about playing, organizing and coaching opportunities, or to connect with a community and help improve access and visibility  ( 

RSA National Teams 

(usually active before and during World Ultimate Championship tournaments held every 4 years)