Maties Ultimate

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Club Background

Maties Ultimate, previously known as Stellenbosch Ultimate and founded from a group of university students and alumni and became an official university sports club in 2012. 

We have two training sessions per week, where we focus on both beginner and advanced Ultimate skills and strategy. Maties Ultimate participated in their inaugural tournament at Mixed Nationals in April 2012 and since has steadily improved, finishing 5th in Mixed Nationals 2015, their highest ever. Maties has also sent Open and Women's teams to Nationals, with the highlight being the 2nd place finish of the Maties Women's team at Open/Women's Nationals 2015.

Official home field is nowadays known as the Woestyn and is on the Coetzenburg sports grounds next to the Cricket B-field.

Training frequency:

Club ethos:

Our club ethos is in line with the constitution of the Sports Bureau of the University of Stellenbosch. At all times, we strive to represent the University of Stellenbosch to the best of our ability.

Casual ethos: We love the game of ultimate and we love making friends. 

Competitive ethos: On the Ultimate field we strive to have both excellent sportsmanship and a competitive spirit. We do not play as individuals but give all that we can for the larger Maties team whose ultimate goal is to win championships. 

What kind of player would be a good fit with your club?

We have something for everyone. 

Casual: For beginners who kinda have no idea how to throw a frisbee, just a casual joll with mates

Intermediate: Can throw reliably at around 10 to 15 meters. Has some familiarity with the game of Ultimate and its structures. Not super competitive but not far less chaos than casual. 

Residence League: Ultimate but ignoring all those annoying parts about no contact.

Women’s: The “No Boys Allowed” club, passionate about developing and playing Women's Ultimate.

Competitive: High level ultimate, knowledge of multiple offence and defence structures. Very fit.