Play Ultimate in Cape Town

Looking for a game of pickup in Cape Town? You've come to the right place! Below you'll find a list of active disc-related pickup games (we know of) that happen in the Western Cape region.

If you're hosting a game, we recommend that you add it to the PickupUltimate Website Many of these pick-ups have WhatsApp groups to confirm numbers to ensure there is a game. Previously, these links were shared on this page for joining groups, however due to unsolicited spamming we had to remove the links.

To be added to a WhatsApp group, please contact CTFDA at with details of which games you are interested in joining. The other option is to take enough friends to get a game going yourselves!

Social Frisbee in Rondebosch - NO SOCCER BOOTS OR STUDS (summer)

Mondays & Thursdays at 5:15pm , fields off parking lot, at end of Laidlaw Rd

Stellenbosch Casual Pickup - Woesteyn Field

Mondays & Wednesdays at 5pm and Sundays at 4pm

Generally cooridnated by students so may slow down through summer but there are local folk playing as well

PROMinent Goaltimate on Wednesdays (summer)

5.30pm on the Promenade, near The Winchester Hotel, 221 Beach Road, Seapoint

UCT Social on Fridays

5pm, Woolsack Fields, Middle campus, UCT

Strand Summer Frisbee (summer)

11 am every Sunday for about 2hrs at Strand Surf Lifesaving Club

Beach Pick Up at Clifton 1st/2nd on Sundays

First pull between 9-10 am although often earlier in summer to get beach space. Details usually confirmed on the WhatsApp group a day or 2 before.

Note: Dogs allowed on 1st Beach only.