Viking Ultimate

The highly skilled and awesome leadership trio of Corné Badenhorst, Petra van der Pol & Amy Molony steer the Viking Ultimate ship. With tryouts at the beginning of the season, the aim is to hand select a roster of 16 people to raid CTFDA leagues, MCI, Mixed Nationals and Rocktober. Viking Ultimate is coached by Corné, and his incredible skill set is balanced and backed up by Amy & Petra's awesomeness.

Contact info:

Facebook page


Training frequency:

Wednesdays 18:45 - 21:00

Saturday 09:00 - 11:00

Location of home fields: Boon-Wallace Fields, Plumstead

Club ethos:

The Viking Ultimate club ethos has three parts:

1. The player

The individual with her/his talents, experience and attributes is the building blocks of Viking Ultimate. Player development and growth is a priority (guide players to attain the level they wish to play at). Creating an environment where every player feels like they belong, where they can play hard, train and grow and have lots of crazy fun is what this is all about. Attracting like-minded players who wish to experience the fun, sense of community and joy that goes with being on a competitive team that works towards the same goal/s is why we started this team.

2. Team

Playing for each other is a major focal point. A team built on solid fundamentals can utilise offensive and defensive structures as a canvas to express their unique creativity and talent. Can use the structure as a launching pad. Offering high-level season training programs, that cover most learning methods, are an opportunity to improve no matter your level of experience. Being challenging and lots of fun is the coaching goal. Positive results will come from playing for each other and putting in the work during the season. Together. The focus is on the process. The measure of success is our ability to best perform to our collective team ability.

3. Viking

The Viking leadership prefers to walk the walk. Make our play on the field do the talking. Lead by example. Every warm up and warm down. Every training session. Every match. We see leadership as an opportunity to serve our teammates. We sacrifice our time and energy for you. We play and compete for each other.

We win together. We use losing as a tool to learn and improve together.

What kind of player would be a good fit with your club:

Viking Ultimate is a competitive team with a culture of playing for each other. A group that appreciates the joy, fun, and sense of community that is experienced when you work towards a common competitive goal. A collective that is greater than the sum of its parts. A tribe that walks the walk. If this sounds good to you - there's space in our tribe for you.