Get Involved

Want to start playing Ultimate?

The first step is to get added to our weekly mailing list – this way you get to hear all about the Ultimate related happenings in and around Cape Town. Click this link to go to our google groups page and sign up.


This is what a disc looks like, in action, during a match, at Mixed Nationals 2015. Awesome hey?

for more info.

The third step is to play. Find a field, find some friends, throw the disc. There is a lot more to Ultimate but that is the gist.

This webpage has the basics of Ultimate and is a useful resource for getting a basic understanding of the game.

There are hundreds of cool benefits of starting to play; every player will reel off a different list of reasons why they play. It’s great for meeting new people, making friends, fitness, stamina, sense of achievement and a great way to use up that gaping free time if you’ve just moved somewhere new. It’s an adrenaline kick and a fantastic thing to focus on before we’ve even started on the cheesy things like team skills, spirit of the game, sense of fairness. It couldn’t be easier to find Ultimate, wherever you may be, and once you start you’ll be hooked (ask anyone who started playing about a year ago); there’s no reason not to get your disc fix.