salusa-logoThe legendary ultimate team from Cape Town. Salusa has a mature approach to Ultimate. We like to act like children and party like teenagers. With a good mix of experienced and newer players Salusa consistently performs while always having a good time.

Location of home fields:

Wynberg Sports Club (but looking for a new venue)

Link to Google Maps

Training frequency:

We don’t train, but reserve Monday evenings for league games and social gatherings.

Club ethos:

We play ultimate for the love of the game and so we can enjoy a beer together afterwards.

Please list events your club aims to participate in during 2016:

Summer League
Mixed Nationals

What kind of player would be a good fit with your club?

Players who are content with not training and just playing Monday games and tournaments. We are a mature, mostly experienced crowd who enjoy each other’s company and tend to win the party (mainly because they can’t get us to leave the bar/dancefloor). You should enjoy beer or enjoy hanging out with people who enjoy beer!

If you have a shortage of male or female players for 2015, please state this here:

We are not really short of players, but could use 1-2 more women willing to travel for tournaments. We are not desperately in need of men (we like having lots of playing time) but any interested men must be within our age range (at least nearing their 30’s) and willing to travel to tournaments.

Contact details:

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