matiesMaties Ultimate, previously known as Stellenbosch Ultimate and founded from a group of university students and alumni and became an official university sports club in 2012. We have two training sessions per week, where we focus on both beginner and advanced Ultimate skills and strategy. Maties Ultimate participated in their inaugural tournament at Mixed Nationals in April 2012 and since has steadily improved, finishing 5th in Mixed Nationals 2015, their highest ever. Maties has also sent Open and Women’s teams to Nationals, with the highlight being the 2nd place finish of the Maties Women’s team at Open/Women’s Nationals 2015.

Location of home fields:

Official home fields are the Vergenoegd Soccer Fields in Stellenbosch.
We also use the following fields for training: a public green in Vrede Street, The Welgevallen Cricket/Hockey fields in summer, The Coetzenburg Cricket B fields in winter

Training frequency:

We have coached training twice a week (Tuesdays & Thursdays), combined fitness and captain’s training once a week (Wednesdays), and social pickup twice a week (Wednesdays & Sundays)

Club ethos:

Our club ethos is in line with the constitution of the Sports Bureau of the University of Stellenbosch. At all times, we strive to uplift the Maties name, whilst embodying the spirit of Ultimate. We are open, supportive, competitive and social. Our belief is in working and playing hard, whilst remaining open and encouraging to members who merely want to learn or remain active, thus also having a purely social side to our membership.

Please list events your club aims to participate in during 2015/16:

We will aim to participate in all events open and available to us, in as much as budgetary and academic constraints allow. As such, we will be sending a combined group to Rocktober.
As a club, we will participate in Summer League, Mixed Nationals, O & W Nationals, if finances and academic constraints permit, MCI and any other CT leagues we can.
Our members also generally participate in hat leagues and tournaments.

What kind of player would be a good fit with your club?

We are a very open and diverse group. Players that generally fit in well, are those willing to learn and make an effort to find their spot within the club dynamic, whether that be social or competitive. Our playing style can likely best be described as experimental and adaptive, so players looking for something extraordinarily rigid are generally not a good fit.
We are also very open to beginners and are happy to spend a lot of time on them, so the easily frustrated and impatient may find us a tough fit.

If you have a shortage of male or female players for 2015, please state this here:

We’re always open to everyone, male or female, though all clubs would appreciate more female players.

Contact details:

Facebook: Maties Ultimate




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