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Chilli is one of the longest running ultimate clubs in South Africa, founded back in 2006. Our club has three main objectives: to compete at the highest level in South Africa; to be a leader in the implementation of good spirit; and to develop players from all backgrounds, as individuals, as teams members, and as participants in the greater ultimate community. Key principles of the club include transparency, communication, accountability and ensuring that all players know they are valued and respected. A club of friends, off the field we trail run, hike, play Tichu and banter endlessly on “The WhatsApp”.

2017 is bringing some exciting changes to Chilli. While the club has often managed numbers by entering two teams into Cape Town’s mixed leagues, for the first time we have officially formed two stand-alone teams under the Chilli umbrella – Chilli Heat and Chilli Legends. Both will uphold Chilli’s club ethos, but will express themselves in unique ways when it comes to training, coaching and playing. Given that Chilli now has two official teams, our squads will initially be fairly small in size with plenty of game time for everyone. We are eager to welcome old and new faces into the mix.

Chilli Heat is a core of younger players that aim to compete at the highest level of ultimate in SA. The vibe is focused, fun and familial. On the field, we work hard for each other. No matter your level, this is the ideal space to develop individual skills, and apply them in a dedicated team environment. Our core values are athleticism, desire to improve and willingness to play for each other. Our focus for this season will be on improving technical skills, female leadership and development, and team play. If you feel you’ll benefit from working under one of South Africa’s most dedicated and thorough coaches, Chilli Heat is the team for you.

Legends is certainly right up there when it comes to collective ultimate experience. As such it is a great place to learn, improve, compete and have fun. While the core of the team is experienced (read: have played for a bit, have jobs, and perhaps even some family responsibilities), this is not a team reserved for masters or former Chilli players. It is open to all comers who want play a competitive game. The team has funness (it’s a thing), egalitarianism, respect and diligence as its founding tenets and if development and being part of building something new appeals to you, then this is your team. Long term we would like to attend World Club Masters in Winnipeg in 2018, but short term we will train hard, play for each other and have fun.

Location of home fields

Scoville Oval, St Stephan’s Rd, Pinelands

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Training frequency

Mondays (evening league games)

Wednesdays (18:30–21:00)

Saturdays (09:00–11:00)

Chilli aims to participate in these events in 2017

Summer League

Mother City Invitational

Mixed Nationals


Open and Women’s Nationals

Are you a good fit for Chilli?

We encourage you to come and see for yourself!

Anyone who wants to have fun on the field will enjoy the Chilli experience. Competitive and social players are welcome, but it is important that you want to improve. Training during leagues and the build up to tournaments is important – you can’t just rock up on tournament day and expect to play. We are actively recruiting new players to both teams, and welcome women and men of all ages (shout out to Chilli’s 15 year-old Eliza, who’s coming up on her third season with us!) and abilities.

History of the club

Founded in 2006 (as Sweet Chilli, then changed to Chilli Ultimate in 2009), the club aimed to introduce some social Ultimate players to the competitive leagues in Cape Town. With the help of experienced players Ant Pascoe and Ian Alexander, young talent was harnessed. The first year was a story of small beginnings, as bigger clubs such as Khaya and the Cape Disc Doctors showed Sweet Chilli how things were done. However our rise to the top was quick, winning the National Championships in 2008, 2009 and 2010.


In 2011, Chilli began focussing specifically on recruiting younger players, by nurturing relationships with the University of Cape Town, and the youth-at-risk organisation, LifeXchange.


2012 saw Chilli Ultimate expand to join UCT as the only other club with two competitive squads in all major competitions. We also moved to our new home, the fantastic Pinelands Cricket Grounds, coined the Scoville Oval.


The last few years have been about growing the club, contributing to the growth of the community, and striving to meet world standards of fitness, play and spirit of the game.


Chilli Ultimate achievements through the years

2008: National Champions (mixed), Rocktober Champions

2009: National Champions (mixed), League Champions

2010: National Champions (mixed), League Champions, Rocktober runners up

2011: League Champions

2012: League Champions, Rocktober runners up

2013: League Champions, MCI Champions, Nationals runners up (mixed)

2014: National Champions (open), Nationals runners up (mixed), Summer league runners up, MCI runners up

2015: National Champions (open), Rocktober Champions, Nationals runners up (mixed), Summer league runners up, MCI runners up

2016: MCI champions

Contact details

Julian Buyskes-Abrahams (Club President)

Email: julianbuyskes (at)

Cell: 074 237 4786

Mark (Sammy) Samuel (Club Vice President)

Email: sammy32ct (at)

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