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Founded in 2015, Catch 22 is Cape Town’s newest Ultimate team. Founders Thomas Morris, Nick Zaloumis and Marlise Richter epitomise everything that is good and right with Ultimate.


Location of home fields:


Training frequency:

TBC, though 1-2 per week, depending on field availability and season.
Thursday “goaltimate” on the Sea Point promenade (optional, 5:30-7 in summer)

Club ethos:

On 11 November 2014, a group of Ultimate enthusiasts came together to discuss big plans of founding a New Team in 2015. Participants articulated a range of values for the new team, which include the following:
• Spirit of the Game
• Competitive Ultimate (never at the expense of enjoyment)
• Dedicated, committed and hard-working players
• Team spirit, unity and friendship
• Constructive engagement and feedback
• Active development of a cool team and vibe
• Transparency and democracy

These are the principles that will guide the development of this team in 2017.

Please list events your club aims to participate in during 2017

  • Summer League
  • Mother City Invitational
  • Open/Women’s League and Nationals
  • Mixed Nationals
  • RockTober

What kind of player would be a good fit with your club?

We welcome anyone interested in building a new team and who is committed to Spirit of the Game, competitive Ultimate and working together as a collective.

If you have a shortage of male or female players for 2017, please state this here:

Ladies – and gentlemen – are very welcome to join us.

Contact details: