Disc golf comes to Cape Town

Cape Town was lucky enough to have professional golf disc player Holly Finley in the city and she kindly led a disc golf clinic in Stellenbosch which was followed by the christening of the Stellenbosch Disc Golf Course.

The Bosch Disc Golf Clinic started out with some basic throwing techniques. Under Holly’s instruction, we learnt the hard way of the perils of the upward tilt and the ominous “fade”. Once we (sort-of) mastered the technique behind throwing a golf disc, we played some Ring of Fire (“putting” into the basket from increasing distance) – the further successful putt was from 17 paces! This was was followed by a distance throwing competition and the monster drives that took the male and female prizes were by Dylan and Kim, respectively.
With no less than a perfect summer’s day to work with, the afternoon saw the fiercely battled “Bosch Toss” tournament. The landscape consisted of lawn and trees, which provided opportunity for creative obstacles such as throwing through tree tunnels and over large bushes. Here we were grateful for the time spent getting to understand the flight of the golf disc, as the characteristic fades (curving at the end of the throw) were integral to manoeuvring around natural obstacles towards a target.
The “King of the Course” and runners-up were as follows:
1. Corne Badenhorst
2. Bryan Milne
3. Dylan Kime
A big thank you to Holly Finley for coaching us and setting up the course, as well as to Innova Disc Golf for discs sponsored to CTFDA for this and future events!
<i>Report by Sandra Jordaan</i>
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